Dog Bundles

Puppy Bundle - Large


Puppy Bundle - Large
Puppy Bundle - Large Puppy Bundle - Large Puppy Bundle - Large Puppy Bundle - Large Puppy Bundle - Large Puppy Bundle - Large Puppy Bundle - Large

A great Bundle for any pup!


Boucherie Petite - Chicken Pot Pie Bites - 150g / 5.29oz

Comforting flavors of chicken pot pie in a bite-sized treat. Can be used with Treat Ball to keep your dog entertained. No preservatives, additives, or artificial flavours.

Boucherie Dental Sticks - Sweet Potato with Liver

Delicious and nutritious dental treat which helps clean teeth and maintain oral health through chewing. No preservatives, additives, or artificial flavors.

Fou-Stick Calm® – Natural Calming Balm

Help alleviate your pet’s stress and anxiety naturally with the Fou-stick Calm® Pet Balm. A combination of natural calming ingredients including chamomile, passionflower and herbal oils and essences help calm your pet during stressful times such as travel, thunderstorms or any stressful time in your pet’s life.

LED Safety Light Dog Tag

Stay safe with super bright rainbow LED lights. Size: 1.25” x 1”

Spiker Treat Ball - Treat Dispensing Toy

Treat balls are fun, interactive, and provide dogs with a tasty challenge, keeping them engaged and entertained for hours. The bumpy exterior makes it exciting for dogs to roll and swat around but the slow dispensing mechanism means that treats won’t fall out too easily. Size: 5”

Rainbow Bright Knotted Unicorn

Cute and trendy creatures get the knotted treatment. Corduroy is soft and cuddly, but also features the fouGUARD technology where it is lined with mesh for extra durability. The knots provide a satisfying chewing experience while the multiple hidden squeakers keep your dog entertained. Size: 15"